Grate & Barrel in Calgary

Grate & Barrel in Calgary
4.2 / 5

627 1 Ave NE, Calgary, Alberta T2E 0B5, Canada, Calgary


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12:00 pm


12:00 pm


12:00 pm

Can you pay with credit card?


Can orders be to go


do they deliver?

You can have our food delivered with Uber Eats

Do they sell wine and beer?

A few beers I believe but don't quote me!!

Are the prices reasonable

For the amount of food you get, absolutely.

Where are there other locations of the franchises

Saw today there is one opening in Greenfield around 84th & Layton by Portillos & Total Wine...right in front of the new Steinhafels.

Does anyone know if they'll be open for labor day?

They are closed.

Is this a franchise?

It's not a franchise.

What r ur prices?

For a small 6 and a large 8


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Grate & Barrel
Adam Grahn

The service is really amazing. If you like Mac and cheese then this is the place to go. They have salads, hot dogs, or even flat bread pizza. They have something that hits the taste buds for everyone's need. Don't want noodles, then try the cauliflower alternative. Whether dinning in, which they have the social distancing down for tables inside or you can eat outside, or taking out; the service will be outstanding. Order online or in store, watch the food be made right in front of you by some really talented cooks. Definitely a go to spot in Menominee Falls

Grate & Barrel
Michael Rushing

Grate service and Grate food! First impressions matter and the team here knows it. From the time we walked in to the time were ready to leave it felt like the staff was excited to have us in their restaurant. We were greeted at the door and given recommendations on the most popular items on the menu. Being that it was our first time the staff was extremely helpful. We were given complimentary breadsticks with garlic&rosemary butter and our food was brought to the table instead of us having to go back to the counter to get it. I would recommend this place to anyone.

Grate & Barrel
iBeezy-Minaj BARBZ Since 05

I like trying new places. I’m an Amazon driver and was in the area. Never heard of it and quickly read the reviews. I’m a nerd like to read review & do research on things. I got classic mac-n-cheese with roasted broccoli. It was very tasty and I like the over baked (crispy). That’s how I love to make my macaroni & cheese. I will be going back a few more times , because I want to try different flavors that’s on the menu..

Grate & Barrel
Rick Sanchez

What an amazing restaurant. They take an old-school favorite and amp it up more ways than you can imagine so there's something for EVERYONE to enjoy. Always great and friendly service too, they know me as a regular and are always so nice and accommodating. When you ask for extra something, they give it to you!

Grate & Barrel
Amanda Cottrell

This is the first time ordering from the Menomonee falls location and I used grub hub for it. I have to say it was pretty phenomenal service. Usually the lime wedges I get at the other location are very dried out so I ask for an extra slice and when I got my order they had three slices which were all nice and juicy which was awesome. They also gave me an extra small order of Mexican corn which I’m not sure why but all of the food turned out awesome and I really appreciate the service. The grub hub driver, Pierre I believe, was really professional as well and called ahead and told me when he dropped off the food. Still nice and hot food. The extra money for delivery fee as well as tip was well worth it in this situation. Thank you guys so much

Grate & Barrel
Megan Flores

I've been coming here for a couple years now and I have to say this is the best team they've had in some time!! They're so friendly, super nice and it is always done in a fast & timely matter. Plus they're keeping the place so clean on top of being busy. Keep it up! Love all the new sweets & treats they just added to the menu as well. Highly recommend this place!!

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